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for individuals of any age, ability, or location

who struggle with a reading lag, dyslexia, or learning English as a second language.


Brain repair of Dyslexia has been clearly identified in functional MRI scans.  The rewired brain is then “virtually indistinguishable from that of a child who has never had a reading problem.”

Even those with severe Dyslexia or reading lag can learn to read.


The goal of the Loftier Literacy Program for Reading is to journey with the student on a reading climb of 2 to 4 grades or more to reach their full-reading potential.

A Certified Reading Therapist will provide an accurate assessment of your student, ensuring that they get the help they need as soon as possible with one-on-one intense instruction in a proven reading program.


All students who have used this program in the past have increased their word decoding and fluency accuracy by several grade levels. The struggle will never return because the brain has been re-wired.

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“I want to make it very clear that it is now possible with a high degree of accuracy to identify children who have dyslexia early on and then treat and remediate their difficulty helping them learn to read.  We can also do more than ever before for teenagers, young adults, and older adults.”

–         Sally Shaywitz, M.D., Codirector of the Yale Center for the Study of Learning and Attention, researcher, and author of Overcoming Dyslexia

Our programs build eye-tracking and letter sequencing ability, sound recognition, and decoding skills. These are all working in concert to build the neural networks in the brain and strengthen the Wernicke’s area where the permanent sound bank is located. As the student progresses through the lessons lasting changes are seen as these new networks solidify.

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We offer a specialized brain re-wiring program that will alter the reading ability by two to four, or more grades in only 21 lessons. Our programs cover all reading needs from non-readers through to adult readers and those looking to increase vocabulary, reading comprehension, and composition skills.

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For ease of access to any location, we offer primarily online services via video conferencing. Located in Northwestern Wisconsin, USA.