Each day I see students smile at their accomplishments.

I cannot keep up with recording all the smiles, but you can see some record of the smiles on Facebook @AspireRT.

This is a record of what has been said regarding the effectiveness of our program.

From Students

I really love hearing the student’s joy spark at their newfound abilities.

“Right now I’m good at reading, but I wasn’t before.” – N.B., age 13 (after 6 sessions together)

“I am beginning to tell that I’m getting to be a better reader. I can already tell!”
– N.B., age 13 (after 10 sessions together)

“I am proud of myself. Before all this started, I though I’d never be reading at all and now I just read the longest sentence I’d ever seen – which I consider a paragraph.” – N.B., age 13 (after 12 sessions together)

“Good!” – I.S., age 7 (regarding how the student feels about their reading abilities now at the end of their program)

“I did it?!” (shocked disbelief after decoding words “decipher”, “literacy”, and “precise”) – A.D., age 11

“I figured it out.” (after decoding the word “Australian”)
– A.D., age 11

“WOW; that came out of nowhere. I don’t know how I did that!” (after decoding the word “orchestra”)
– J.D., age 8

“I read some numbers (written as words) in my (math) class. It was quite easy. I actually wanted to read more of it.”
– E.G., age 12

At the end of the lesson we did a virtual “high five.”  He said, “I actually like reading now.  It’s actually pretty fun, especially the stories.  I like reading the stories because it’s fun to read it.”  He then asked if he could bring “a story that I made” to the next session together.  I asked if he’d written a story.  He said, “No, but I will.  I’ll write a story.”  I love it!! This was our 6th session together. – E.G., age 12

“I really improved my writing. You can see that it has good spacing and also that it is staying on the line!” (Grinning proudly as he remembered his messy writing when we began working together.) I did many sentences without stopping. That’s what I like a lot. Reading without having to stop for a word. (Smiling at his newfound fluency. He was a non-reader when we began 3 and a half months ago.) I see that I write pretty good and I want to write more…and read more. Reading is fun!” – E.G., age 13 – I am so happy for him!!

From Supportive Observers

“I just watched ______’s lesson – wow is she coming a long way.  I can see that she had resorted to just sliding over the words that she never knew before.  I’m so glad that her confidence has started to ooze and that she is really feeling good about herself and these lessons. ”   – M.S., intern (after the student’s 11th session together, student age 11)

“You’ve improved a lot from what I can tell!” – J.B., mother speaking to her child, age 13, who has completed 4 Lessons

“I just wanted to let you know that (student name) read the first two pages of the new format!! He did so great!! I’m excited because he has been at a full stop for reading up until today . 😁😁😁 Success is feeling great!!” D.M., parent of 9 year old, ASD student

“Thank-you SO much for helping (Student Name). She seems so much more confident in class and is working even harder.” – B.A., teacher of Grade 9 student after 7 sessions

“___ (My son) is very happy about his progress.” J.A.G., parent (after student’s 5th session)

“Thanks for all you do! All the students you are working with are enjoying working with you, and really progressing well. I am over the moon about -(student name, grade 12)- ‘s progress specifically. So wonderful that he will be going out into the world with the skills needed to read! This is such a gift to him! “ – M.K., school principal (referring to student who gained 3 grades in the ability to read fluently after 14 sessions together)

“I have noticed he is much smoother (at reading). (Student Name) is enjoying reading more, and occasionally takes it upon himself to grab a book off the shelf. He is even reading stories to his brothers for fun!” – C.W.A., parent of student talking about the home-effects seen in 7 year-old

“He has become far more competent at reading.  He’s far more confident.  He can read now, whereas before he really couldn’t.  For me, I consider the reading therapy to have been successful.” – J.B. mother in Alberta, Canada whose child was reading 5 grades below current school grade and saw a 5-grade climb in decoding ability and a corresponding 5-grade climb in fluency

“(Student’s name) is impatiently waiting for his lesson to start. He has been in here three times asking if it’s time yet and this last time he asked if it could just start now.”
D.M., parent of a student age 7 who was anxious to begin his second session

“I can tell he’s really improving. He’s feeling more confident with his reading.”A.S., parent of student age 7/ Grade 2 after 13 sessions

” Thank you Aspire Reading Therapy! Our four-year-old our daughter has started reading! She has wanted to read for a while, after seeing her older siblings reading. Now she can discover the world through reading. ” – S.A., parent of the student who celebrated this success after 8 sessions

“Wow, this is so great! Thank you for your work with (Student Name) this year! I am so glad that he has been able to experience such success!” – M.K., school principal (referring to student who gained four and a half grade levels in fluency and increased reading comprehension by 1.7 grade levels.)

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