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HERE’S HANK chapter book series

Series Sampler - Here's Hank (5 Books)

This unique series is about a 4th grade boy named Hank Zipzer who while funny, smart, and resourceful has a challenge with memorization, spelling, math, and reading. These books not only feature a main character with dyslexia, but are also printed in a special dyslexic-friendly easy to read font. I have found these books to be interesting for grades 3-6 and good for the Grade 2 struggling with reading. This award winning series of 32 or so books have been a British television series since 2014 and was the basis of a television movie in 2016. They were created and written by Lin Oliver and Henry Winkler. Many aspects of the book were based on Winkler’s personal experiences with dyslexia. You may know him as the Fonz from the television series, Happy Days. Winkler was not diagnosed until he was 30 years old, and advocates for early assessment of dyslexia.


SPOT IT – Basic English Edition

This card game can be played alone, or with a group. It has basic images as well as the words for the images on the cards in various combinations. Each card is guaranteed to match with any other card in some manner (whether matching image to image or image to word etc.). This game is very versatile and can be used in a variety of ways. I have found this to be a helpful tool for students who struggle with their motivation for reading. To eliminate a competitive atmosphere, I introduced it as a group game without scoring, and afterward used it as a tool for each student to use to race against their own past scores. Whether racing against yourself, or having a time to practice just for fun, this game has brought a bright spot back to the idea of reading.


Dixon Primary Printer #1 Thick Black Lead Pencils, Pre-sharpened, Red Barrel, Primary Size 13/32" Diameter, 12/PK LEAD PENCILS 1 DOZ.

These pencils are wider than usual, so that they are easier for smaller hands to grasp. Find them at your local office supply or educational supply store.



Pencil grips with three sides encourage the student to hold the pencil in the proper and comfortable way. Not to mention that having a brightly colored grip of your own may just make you want to pick up your pencil.


Cover art

Learn to write English Alphabet by Tracing ABC

This is a simple APP which is unhindered by the distraction of cartoons which have nothing to do with the instruction. The student is able to choose to work on all capital letters or all lower case letters in their alphabetical order. There is a choice of “chalk” colors as the student is instructed to follow the simple directions of numbers and arrows to practice correct letter formation. The updated version also has a dangling sponge eraser to grab to ease with re-trying. The app offers one to three stars based on the accurate performance of each task aiming for mastery before moving on to another letter. You will want to graduate off of a program like this and use a pencil or crayon with proper grip as soon as possible. Here is the link to the app:


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Having a dictionary on your phone can make pronunciation of unfamiliar or difficult words heaps easier. This app provides a word of the day feature to boost your vocabulary. The primary feature of the speaker saying the word to you is incredibly handy. Here is the link to this great app:


Children should learn about reading in a way that makes reading fun. An early exposure to words and reading will likely motivate future positive experiences with reading. This website and app will grow with your child, both as their abilities increase and interests mature. There are so many features and choices that I am unable to describe each one, but Starfall has something that is likely to appeal to each student from Pre-K through Grade 3. Here is the direct link:

If you are looking for resources for the writing side of reading, there is also a website for parents and teachers at This website features worksheet generators and other downloadable printouts for ELA and Math. All writing resources on the site are free.

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